How to submit your receipts to
Receipt Bank


Catalyst Plus have created a unique Receipt Bank account for you to make submitting your expenses easier and we’ve prepared a quick guide for you on how to upload your expenses to the software.

There are two main ways to send information to this software:

  • via email
  • via the mobile phone APP

1. How to use the Email function

You can forward any emails of receipts or invoices that you receive from suppliers to the email address we’ve provided you via our email with the link to this page usually, this will be in the format of: [email protected]

Useful tips:

  • Ask your suppliers to cc your emailed invoices straight to this Receipt Bank email address.
  • Log into your service providers (eg Phone / Electricity) and “add” the ReceiptBank email address to your billing address email
  • Add the Receipt Bank email address to your contacts in your phone so that you can ‘flick’ the invoices directly to that address.

2. How to use the Phone APP

Download the Receipt Bank mobile phone app to submit your receipts on the go.

Installing the phone app:

  • Click on the ‘open’ button for a short tour showing the app. (Swipe sideways>)
  • It may take a minute to install, wait until you see the ‘open’ button
  • Search and download the Receipt Bank app (free).
  • Open the App Store icon or website from your phone
  • You will be asked to login. Put in your your email address and password (NB you will receive this in a separate email invite)
  • You will see a message ‘Receipt Bank would like to access your photos’. Click ‘OK’.

3. Get Started – take a photo of your first receipt or invoice!

  • From the inbox – select the camera icon to take a photo :

  • Take your photo – ensure your photo is clear and includes the whole receipt

    • If you’d like to add extra details, like a description of who you were with select ‘Edit’. When finished, select ‘Save’

    • To confirm the processing of the receipt – click ‘Submit for processing’

    • Next time you log in you may see this screen

    You can change preferences regarding how the app works, but you don’t have to.

    If you have more than one company using Receipt Bank , you can ‘toggle’ between the Company ReceiptBank accounts at your login screen.

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