Launch of New Website

After several years of nothing but focusing on helping our clients our website fell into a little bit of neglect. This is why we’re so excited to re-launch our new, even better website.

Designed to provide easier access to our services, much more information and dozens of examples of our work, the new website has improvements for everyone.

Some of the key new features include:

  • Easily Categorised Services

    We’re focused on how you run your business. This is why our services are now categorised in a way that addresses your needs, not ours. Select one of five categorise to see how we can help you.

  • Latest News & Articles

    We like to keep our clients up to date and be useful however possible. This is why we’ve launched our very own blog and resources section to inform you about useful industry news that may directly be relevant to how you run your business.

  • Client Case Studies

    We no longer just tell you who some of our fantastic clients are but also provide you with details about how we helped, why we were well positioned to do so and the feedback from the client. All just to demonstrate how we work with the “Your Success is Our Success” mentality.

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Dennis proving he could also be a part-time stock image model.
Amy, Aki and Hisashi in deep discussion about something very important(?)

With so much content, we’re also committed to making sure it is all provided in multiple languages, English, Cantonese, Japanese to begin with! If it isn’t in your desired language please bear with us or let us know in the comments below which language you would like.

Our team also took much pleasure in taking some fun, some serious and some relaxed professional photographs. Personal bio’s can sometimes be embarrassing but the P&Co embraced it and loved sharing more information about themselves! We even took the change to take some more natural “in the work-place” photos – check them out below!