Our People

Whether you are present in the UK or based in the far-east, P&Co are dedicated to serving as your bridge to success in the UK.

Jonathan Pitayanukul

Jonathan Pitayanukul BSc MBA FCA


Founding P&Co Chartered Accountants over 25 years ago and originally qualifying from KPMG, Jonathan has established himself as one of the UK’s leading non-UK domicile taxation experts. Completing a MBA in entrepreneurship he has a natural entrepreneurs & business mind which has enabled him to help hundreds of his clients succeed in their UK business venture.

English, Thai, Cantonese

Kenghui Lim

Kenghui Lim BSc FCA

Senior Chartered Accountant

Kenghui’s long term experience at P&Co and her can-do attitude has made her a cornerstone within the team. Helping to lead the team in audit activities as well as all aspects of business accounting. She has a love for self-sufficient and organic concepts whether it is a business or gardening! Yes, Kenghui is also an organic fruit and vegetable grower at home!

English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Aki Ishido Longstaff

Aki Ishido MSc BA ACA

Senior Chartered Accountant

Joining P&Co in 2009, Aki has long had an interest in the technical side of accounting. She was even a teacher teaching accounting in Japan for over 2.5 years whilst also working at EY. She has never stopped learning herself and even today continues to study towards new advanced tax qualifications. When she isn’t studying Aki is busy putting her skills to yoga and finding peace in some yoga.

English, Japanese

Jia Zheng


Senior Chartered Certified Accountant

Specialising in owner-managed, self-employed, partnership and employment taxation, Jia has worked with many clients to learn about their businesses and how they run. Her commitment to her work has been demonstrated by her excellent 10 year track record at P&Co. Over this time she has also developed her dancing skills.

English, Mandarin

James Pitayanukul

James Pitayanukul BA CA

Chartered Accountant &
Business Consultant

Qualifying at EY and part of the financial institutions transaction advisory team James has a wealth of experience delivering on major projects. Taking his experience he is now helping small, medium and even large enterprises to succeed. When he isn’t solving these problems he is a keen skiier in winter and a rock climber in the summer, fun all year round!

English, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin

Andrew Pitayanukul

Andrew Pitayanukul MEng

Business Consultant & Property Specialist

Former banking associate at a leading global investment bank, Andrew is a serial entrepreneur who is focused on helping P&Co clients to identify and solve their business problems. Having graduated as an Engineering student from Oxford University, Andrew has a natural mind for problem solving and even runs a number of his own start-up, scaling businesses and property portfolios.

English, Cantonese

Jonathan Pitayanukul

Amy Wong ACA

Chartered Accountant

A vibrant and well loved team member at P&Co, Amy takes much pride in the work that she does both professional and outside of work. Being particularly understanding and empathetic, Amy is regularly seen as a invaluable support for our clients. In Amy’s personal life, she is an enthusiastic and creative artist.

English, Cantonese

Frank Han

Frank Han BSc MSc

Property & IT Specialist

Frank leads the IT team and also works on Property projects. His background is in IT, where he has over 20 years of experience. His property expertise is predominantly in property management. Frank is also a crypto-currency enthusiast. In his spare time he can be found in a mine digging for coins.

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Kit Kong

Kit Kong

Office Assistant

Kit is known in the office for her attention to detail mentality and thrives on getting things done right. This includes in her home life where she is a passionate baker! Recentlyshe has mastered the Japanese cotton cheese cake where no baking agent it required but is sitll moist, soft and healthy!

English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Harka

  • Shared Culture

    Our team comprises of qualified accountants from Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Japan and Thailand. We share your culture, language and community. This means you will be partnering with someone who can truly understand your needs.

  • Partners In Business

    We know who you choose to conduct business with is a very careful and important decision, which is why we believe building on-going relationship that are designed to last through both prosperous and difficult times

  • Your Eyes & Ears On the Ground

    Our UK presence, network and relationships mean we are the ideal partner when conducting business in the UK. Whether it is dealing with HMRC or local suppliers, we can help make your cross culture ideas a success.