Oriental Market Specialists

Whether you are present in the UK or based in the far-east, P&Co are dedicated to serving as your bridge to success in the UK.

Okuno Auromex Glass Treatment Technology


  • Shared Culture

    Our team comprises of qualified accountants from Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Japan and Thailand. We share your culture, language and community. This means you will be partnering with someone who can truly understand your needs.

  • Partners In Business

    We know who you choose to conduct business with is a very careful and important decision, which is why we believe building on-going relationship that are designed to last through both prosperous and difficult times

  • Your Eyes & Ears On the Ground

    Our UK presence, network and relationships mean we are the ideal partner when conducting business in the UK. Whether it is dealing with HMRC or local suppliers, we can help make your cross culture ideas a success.