Tax Investigations

An investigation from HMRC can occur at anytime. It can not only be disruptive to your business but if it can be intimidating or even scary.

At P&Co we specialise in tax investigations having successfully worked with HMRC to resolve and settle disputes on many occasions. We use this experience to guide you through the process and prepare you and your business for the investigation. Our goal is to ensure you are able to focus on getting back to running your business with as little financial and time costs as possible.

HMRC Investigation


Why Choose P&Co?

Our local presence and past experience with HMRC means we know what the tax inspectors are thinking, looking for and how to work with them. This means we are best situated to obtain the best possible outcome. We can act as your liaison between you and HMRC.

Service List

  • Voluntary disclosure to HMRC
  • Tax Fraud Allegations and Investigations (VAT, PAYE, HMIT, Income tax, Corporation Tax)
  • HMRC routine investigation preparations
  • Financial controls review & implementation