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We excel at understanding and solving problems. Our range of services have been developed over years of experience to help our clients in a range of situations whether you are a start-up or multi-national looking to expand into the UK.

Our Services


The UK attracts millions of pounds of foreign investment from far-east investors every year. It presents both defensive and growth opportunities in a stable regulatory environment.

As a non-UK person (either as a non-UK resident or non-UK domicile) investing into the UK can be a minefield of rules, regulations and taxes. P&Co Chartered Accountants are specialists in Non-UK Domicile taxation and has been the Bank of East Asia (UK)’s preferred partner for over 15 years. We help you to invest safely and maximise your returns . Our UK presence and network means we will always be up-to-date with ever changing government policies and help you navigate future changes. Learn More

An investigation from HMRC can occur at anytime. It can not only be disruptive to your business but if it can be intimidating or even scary.

At P&Co we specialise in tax investigations having successfully worked with HMRC to resolve and settle disputes on many occasions. We use this experience to guide you through the process and prepare you and your business for the investigation. Our goal is to ensure you are able to focus on getting back to running your business with as little financial and time costs as possible. Learn More

Whether you’re a multi-national or a small business you will have basic business accounting needs to run your business smoothly. Complying with UK standards and regulations can be a minefield. Our experience having helped hundreds of business’ set-up and grow means we are well established to help you focus on growing your business. Whether you need an outsourced or in-house solution we’re here to help you take out the hassle from your business accounting needs. Learn More
The UK investment property market is very attractive as it presents both defensive and growth opportunities. However understanding UK rules and regulations can be complicated. Whether you are at the acquisition stage or management stage, P&Co can help you maximise returns on your investment and take out administrative burdens at the same time.

Property Acquisition:
Buying property requires many different work streams to be completed from legal diligence, financing, investment advice and tax structuring. All these different components need to come together whilst also being competitive with other buyers. Using P&Co’s existing and well established networks co-ordinate, secure and advice on your property purchases. Learn More

Property (Financial) Management: Once you have bought your property you will want to make sure you rent is duly invoiced, paid and your filings completed accurately and timely. P&Co through it’s business accounting set-up and real estate knowledge we take out all of the of every day financial management of your property. Learn More

Running and growing a business is exciting but not easy. When you want to make something new happen it involves a lot of hard work, knowledge and great execution ability. At the heart of P&Co are a team of entrepreneurs ourselves and we have made it our aim to help our clients grow their business. We understand the needs of each client individually and discuss what their needs are, brainstorm strategies and execute. As our Company slogan says, your success is our success. Learn More

Your Success Is Our Success – our company ethos is simple. By using our expertise, network and presence to help you succeed will in turn bring success to P&Co. We do this by becoming partners in your business, not just your accountant. This is why our clients not only receive excellent technical work but see significant value over and beyond what they expect.